Installation and Configuration

  • The Server component is available for both Windows and Linux.
  • An install can be completed in less than 2 minutes.


  • All communications are encrypted with AES 256 Bit Encryption.
  • Windows Active Directory Authentication and Access Control.
  • Kerberos Single-Signon.
  • Windows Software is digitally signed.

Backup and High Availability

  • Backup can be simply automated with your existing backup software.
  • One-or-more geographically dispersed High Availability Servers can be deployed.


  • TapeTrack is tested with 10 million tape volumes, and our largest customer has 3 million tapes.
  • One single TapeTrack Server can provide tracking for an unlimited number of data centers around the world.
  • Duplicate barcode support allows you to track multiple tapes with the same barcode in multiple data centers.


  • Tape library integration allows your tape library to automatically scan tapes in and out, and run reconciliations to discover errant tapes.
  • Barcode and RFID integration allows tapes to be scanned with 100% accuracy.
  • Integration with backup software such as NetBackup. CommVault and TSM allow tapes to be automatically identified and cycled between sites.
  • iOS and Android Apps allow you to scan tapes with your cell phone.
  • Slack integration allows you to query tape status.


  • Synchronize TapeTrack from your backup software automatically; add new tapes, set descriptions, move off-site and bring tapes back.
  • Automatically send requests to your off-site storage vendor.
  • Automatically reconcile your off-site and robot control libraries.
  • Automatically set retention dates using Simple Management rules.


  • Over 100 pre-configured reports.
  • Reports can be generated in Text, CSV, PDF, HTML and Excel formats.
  • Report options allow you to customize each report simply.
  • View entire inventory in one report.

Stock Control

  • Keep track of Stock Inventory levels.
  • Automatically assign barcodes to new tapes.
  • Enforce barcode formats for all new stock.


  • Automate tasks.
  • Drag-and-drop to move tapes.
  • Cut-and-Paste to quickly add and select the tapes you want.
  • Powerful real-time sorting and filtering display the information you need to see without having to run reports.
  • Ability to scan tapes using a barcode scanner, iPhone or Android phone app and more.


  • Set up TapeTrack to follow your tape handling processes.
  • Enforce company format barcodes.
  • Set custom barcode rules.
  • Long barcode support.
  • Hide inactive Customer, Media types and/or individual volumes.

Disaster Recovery

  • Automatically create and update disaster recovery strategies.
  • Manually add or edit disaster recovery strategies.
  • Recall a predefined list of Volumes in the event of data loss.

Audit Compliance

  • Full chain of custody for all tapes.
  • Comprehensive history records of tape movements.
  • Alerts for errant tapes.
  • Generate certificates for reconciliation results.

File Transfer

  • Ability to transfer files to and from the server.
  • Drag and drop or command line utilities to upload files.
  • Access to uploaded files limited by user’s customer access.
  • Set expiry dates for uploaded files.