TapeTrack communications are encrypted with AES 256 Bit Encryption.

Ability to integrate with Windows Active Directory Authentication and Access Control, as well as Kerberos Single-Signon.

For added security Windows Software is digitally signed.

TapeTrack Stock Control enables you to enter tapes into TapeTrack without barcodes, manage current stock levels and track history of new stock usage.

TapeTrack syncronizes with all major tape management packages and backup software and can even perform reconciliations against third party inventories such as Iron Mountain’s SecureSync.

Supported systems include:

  • BackupExec
  • BRMS
  • CA-1
  • CommVault
  • Control-M
  • HP Data Protector
  • HSC
  • Microsoft Data Protection Manager
  • NetBackup
  • NetVault
  • Networker
  • RMM
  • SyncSort
  • Time Navigator
  • Tivoli Storage Manager
  • TMLS
  • Zara

No need to FTP or install ODBC drivers, TapeTrack integrates out of the box on your preferred platform. Mainframe through to desktop.

TapeTrack will work with any number of tapes, from 1 to millions, but the product isn’t free so there is a point where the product becomes worth the investment.

We have customers with less than 1,000 tapes and these people find the product good value, but from experience people with small numbers of tapes tend to not put much focus or importance on tape management.

The harsh reality is that people buy our product after they’ve had a number of major tape loss and security issues, and the more tapes you have the greater chance you have of losing tapes.

TapeTrack software is available on a 90 day trial period so you can be sure that is the right fit for your organisation.

The trial period gives you fully functional software, installation advice, technical support and staff training during the 90 day period to help you get the best out of TapeTrack.

The product is licensed as a suite of modules, which consists of one TapeTrack Framework Server, and the required modules required to meet the customer’s specific needs. The software can either be leased on a subscription basis or perpetually licensed.

  • TapeTrack Framework Server is the Server back end of the product. You need one of these to connect to.
  • TapeTrack TapeMaster is the administrative interface into the Server component. You need at least one of these, and you might want more for Power Users who wish to run advanced reporting functions.
  • TapeTrack Lite is a Windows Wizard program that walks lesser skilled operators through the tasks of tape management; we call this TapeTrack with training wheels.
  • TapeTrack Sync is a command-line utility that parses reports or ODBC data sources to automatically update location information on the Server.
  • TapeTrack Checkpoint is a specialty program used by customers who slot a large number of tapes. It is speech enabled and reads out slots as you scan the tapes.

TapeTrack runs exactly the same way in the Cloud as it does on-premises.

The only difference is that in the Cloud TapeTrack can’t offer Active Directory authentication and access control and has to fall back to native mechanisms (that are exactly the same but are not managed by your local Windows environment).