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GazillaByte LLC
PO Box 370505
Denver, Colorado 80237 USA

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ACN: 091 951 790
ABN: 85 091 951 790
DUNS Number: 759685340

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6820 S. Liverpool St, Unit D.
Aurora, Colorado 80016 USA
Email :
Telephone International: +1 (720) 583-8880
Fax International: +1 (866) 718-6227


UK and Europe
Itegral (UK) Ltd, St John’s House,
54 St John’s Square, London, EC1V 4JL, UK
Telephone: +44 203 384 4547
Fax International: +1 (866) 718-6227


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Member Image

Alex Eagleson

Sr. Administrator, Devon Energy Houston Texas (NetBackup)

TapeTrack helps me to quickly locate the media I require. When I need to find tapes for recovery or for backups, I can find them efficiently and reliably.
Member Image

Matt Alleman

Analyst, Intermountain Healthcare Utah (NetBackup, TSM, BRMS)

Managing information that is subject to HIPPA is a huge challenge. TapeTrack tells us where our tapes are and where they have been so we always meet that challenge.
Member Image

Daniel Saint-Julien

Technicien systèmes et réseaux, Transat, Paris France (NetBackup)

We evaluated several solutions but TapeTrack stood out as the right solution
Member Image

Don Clark

IT Manager, Xanterra, Yellowstone National Park USA (BackupExec)

Tape track helps me find tape when I need to restore. It is also beneficial for disaster recovery planning.

what is tapetrack?

tapetrack is a tape management system designed specifically for managing computer backup tapes

using the "five pillars of tape management" - tapetrack accurately manages the tape assets of over 4000 enterprises around the world

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the five pillars

  • asset management

  • chain of custody

  • library management

  • disaster recovery management

  • quality control

why do you need it?

computer tapes are no longer a consumable today they are an company asset

you need a solution capable of keeping track of how many you have and where they are at all times

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you need to know

  • exactly how many tapes you have
  • where they have been
  • where they need to go
  • if you have access to them in a crisis
  • if they are being managed well

what if you don’t have it?

nobody really knows the final consequences of a lost tape until it occurs

don't wait to find out what could happen as it could be a combination of consequences

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you could experience

  • irreparable loss of corporate information
  • loss of personal and corporate reputation
  • loss of the ability to recover after a disaster
  • loss of future opportunity due to missing or incomplete information
  • fines and in some cases criminal proceedings

what you need to look for

you need to have a system in place which gives you a constant overview of the health of your tape assets

tapetrack is designed to empower, it allows you to do your job well without relying on others

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things you need

  • does the product have a broad customer base?
  • is the product based on clever ideas?
  • does the price include all the software that you expect?
  • is the product well supported, deployable, usable and stable?

we have the right solution

picking the right solution is about more than just “ticking a box"

we are constantly enhancing our systems and our services to meet the changing needs of our clients

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we promise a solution

  • simple to install and easy to maintain
  • always cost effective and efficient
  • designed and supported by people who know exactly what you need
  • stablity, reliability and security
  • scalability to grow with your business
  • based on clever ideas; never on “work-arounds”

let us assist you

we understand that selecting the right solution is critical to your business

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the right choice

  • a 90 day no cost trial period
  • a quoted price that includes all the demonstrated features
  • honest answers to all of your questions
  • referees who not only use our product but rely on it daily
  • a fair license agreement